Design and Development of Intelligent Input Device for Students with Physical Disabilities

지체장애학생을 위한 지능형 입력 장치의 설계와 구현

  • 전병운 (공주대학교 특수교육과) ;
  • 고등영 (공주대학교 특수교육연구소)
  • Published : 2007.04.28


Most of information and communication assistance machinery and tools for disorder people of Occupied are machinery and tools for a visual impairment person and software, The things which can apply to only a specification disorder type and a specification disorder part are most, A special keyboard or a special mouse device of the handicapped person that disorder rank is comparatively the hardness makes the mainstream. It is reported in diffusion rate being very low if I compare this with total disorder population. I study new 1 plan which it can be applied to various disorder types and disorder parts through an intelligent special input device in a study of a book and, I designed this at the real standard that I could manufacture and incarnated it. In addition, I suggested this in a base for a design of a universal supporting input device and suggestion for the side of incarnation plan and a future study direction.


Physical Disabilities;Touch Keyboard;Intelligent Input Device