Analysis of Developing Contents of 2005 Renault Samsung Motors Corporate Brochure

2005 르노삼성자동차 Corporate Brochure Contents 개발 분석

  • Published : 2007.04.28


This article addresses considerations, processes of drawing concepts and design approaches in compiling a corporate brochure set in the practice of editorial design. A well-made brochure does not simply refer to listings of the current state of a company and a fantastic visualization of their visions. It necessarily involves the utilization of strategic core keywords appropriate to the industry, proper and classy metaphors that fit the target, a certain harmony between direct and indirect narratives, and bringing all of these aspects under the hat of creative and purposeful design in a single brochure. Thus, it also calls for variety and changes to captivate the eye when leafing through brochures. 1. Does the brochure reflect accurate diagnoses on the position of the market environment, the industry and their needs? 2. Does it offer solutions to given tasks, does it claim to be able to solve problems a company may have, does it satisfy their expectations, and does it cover the topics in an in-depth manner? 3. Referring to questions 1 & 2, does it address existing cases of competitors, leading players and global trends? 4. Does it have an appropriate design language that can communicate intrinsic issues and global trends as well as appropriate rhetorical visual aids that stand out?


Corporate Brochure;Processes;Solutions