Color Application on Sign System Typography for Dynamic Expression

색채를 활용한 사인시스템 활자의 동적표현 연구

  • Published : 2007.04.28


Typography is the combination of language of formative art. It is indeed the core means of human communication through understanding of language and formative values. Studies began on introduction of various techniques to overcome the phenomenon of the 'reaction of language', which appears as an impediment in delivery and sharing of information as the most fundamental roles. Successively, mobile printing types more readable and effective in delivering of meanings have been developed, thus widely distributed for general use. However, although such printing types might be easily used in image and digital media, such as in computer monitors, screens and mobile phone LCDs, etc., it is in fact difficult to use these printing types in printed surfaces, the traditional medium of information delivery, or in sign systems frequently encountered in our surrounding environment. As a solution for this, it is intended to create an effect of communication closer to dynamic typography expression by approaching visual message delivery system from the essence and substance of the color application, which corresponds to the visual spatial expression effect, the core element of expression in dynamic typography to possess significantly more powerful effect in terms of both message delivery capacity and readability than the conventional means of static typography.


Sign System;Typography Expression;Color Application