Effects of Prostaglandins on In Vitro Development of Bovine Embryos

소 체외 수정란의 체외 발육에 미치는 Prostaglandins의 영향

  • Shin, S.O. (College of Animal Life Science, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Park, S.B. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A) ;
  • Park, C.K. (College of Animal Life Science, Kangwon National University)
  • Published : 2007.03.31


This study was conducted to examine the effects of prostaglandin $F_2{\alpha}(PGF_2{\alpha})$ and prostaglandin $E_2 (PGE_2)$ on the expansion and hatching of bovine embryos. During the in vitro culture, embryos were cultured with the following groups: (1) 0, 1, 10 and 100ng/ml $PGF_2{\alpha}$ (2) 0, 1, 10 and 100 ng/ml $PGF_2{\alpha}$, (3) low concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ ; low concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$, (1ng/ml : 1ng/ml), (4) low concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ : high concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ (1ng/ml : 10ng/ml) (5) high concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ : low concentration of $PGE_2$ (10ng/ml 1ng/ml) (6) high concentration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ : high concentration of $PGE_2$(10 ng/ml : 10ng/ml). In the results of this study, treatment of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ or $PGE_2$ did not affect in vitro development to blastocysts. However, the hatching rates of embryos cultured with 10ng/ml $PGE_2$(10.3%) and 1ng/ml $PGF_2{\alpha}$ 10ng/ml $PGE_2$(22.2%) were significantly (P<0.05) higher than in control (4.3% and 12.7%) and other treatment groups. All groups treated with high concentrations of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ showed decreased hatching rates. Thus, this results suggested that $PGF_2{\alpha}\;and\;PGE_2$ were concerned with the hatching in bovine embryos, and their effects on hatching were different by the concentrations.


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