• Park, Ho-Young (Power Generation Laboratory, Korea Electric Power Research Institute) ;
  • Seo, Sang-Il (Power Generation Laboratory, Korea Electric Power Research Institute)
  • Published : 2007.06.21


The characteristics of carbonaceous particles collected from the combustion of Vacuum Residue (VR) in a test furnace have been investigated. The physical and chemical characterization includes particle size, scanning electron microscopy of the surface structure, measurement of porosity, surface area and density, EDX/XRD analyses and measurement of chemical composition. The studies show that the carbonaceous VR particles are very porous and spheroidal, and have many blow-holes on the surface. The particles become smaller and more sponge-like as the reaction proceeds. The present porosity of VR particles is similar to that of cenospheres from the combustion of heavy oil, and the majority of pores are distributed in macro-pores above $0.03\;{\mu}m$ in diameter. Measurements of pore distribution and surface area showed that the macro-pores contributed most to total pore volume, whereas the micro-pores contributed to total surface area.


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