A Nickel Micro Switch Operating in a Wide Range of Torsion Angles

Kahng, Seong-Joong;Kim, Jae-Hyeok;Kim, Young-Min

  • 발행 : 2007.06.01


We report a nickel optical MEMS switch, being able to rotate through a large angle and to accommodate multiple channels. The proposed optical switch consists of a thin nickel mirror and two torsion springs supporting the mirror. The torsion springs are designed using a finite element method (FEM) such that plastic deformation of the thin nickel is avoided during the large torsion actuation. For switching speed improvement, transient vibration of the released mirror is suppressed by optimizing the mirror design and a fast switching response of $200\;{\mu}s\;(pull-down)/300\;{\mu}s\;(pull-up)$ is demonstrated.


MEMS;Optical switch;Switching response;Yield strength


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