Improvement of Maskless Photolithography of Bio Pattern with Single Crystalline Silicon Micromirror Array

Jang, Yun-Ho;Lee, Kook-Nyung;Park, Jae-Hyoung;Shin, Dong-Sik;Lee, Yoon-Sik;Kim, Yong-Kweon

  • Published : 2007.06.01


This study focuses on the enhancement of maskless photolithography as well as the peptide synthesis application with single crystalline silicon micromirrors. A single crystalline silicon micromirror array has been designed and fabricated in order to improve its application to the peptide synthesis. A micromirror rotates about ${\pm}\;9^{\circ}$ at the pull-in voltage, which can range from 90.7 V to 115.1 V. A $210\;{\mu}m-by-210\;{\mu}m$ micromirror device with $270\;{\mu}m$ mirror pitch meets the requirements of an adequately precise separation for peptide synthesis. Synthetic 16 by 16 peptide array corresponds to the same number of micromirrors. The large size of peptide pattern and the separation facilitate biochip experiments using fluorescence assay. The peptide pattern has been synthesized on the GPTS-PEG200 surface with BSA-blocking and thereupon the background was acetylated to reject non-specific bindings. Hence, an averaged slope at the pattern edge has been distinguishably improved in comparison to patterning results from an aluminum micromirror.


Aluminum Micromirror;Averaged Slope;GPTS-PEG200;Peptide Synthesis;Single Crystalline Silicon Micromirror Array


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