Synthesis of Homogeneous La0.8Sr0.2CrO3 Powders Using an Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method

  • Kim, Chang-Sam ;
  • Hwang, Seong-Ik ;
  • Kim, Shin-Woo
  • Published : 2007.05.31


A process to synthesize $La_{0.8}Sr_{0.2}CrO_3$ (LSC), which is a promising material for use as a separator in a soild oxide fuel cell, is investigated in this study. LSC powders without secondary Phases could be synthesized with ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and a heat treatment at $1200^{\circ}C$ for 20 h; however, it showed an average diameter of $0.6{\mu}m$ with a wide particle size distribution. On the other hand, LSC powders synthesized with spray pyrolysis at $800^{\circ}C$, heat-treated at $900^{\circ}C$ for 5 h, ball-milled and finally heat-treated again at $1200^{\circ}C$ for 20 h showed a smaller average diameter of $0.3{\mu}m$ and narrower size distribution. Very few particles above $0.5{\mu}m$ were found. Thus, a proper combination of the heat treatment and milling process after spray pyrolysis it determined to be very important in synthesizing fine and uniform LSC perovskite powders.


Solid oxide fuel cell;$La_{0.8}Sr_{0.2}CrO_3$;Separator;Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis


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