Implementing Automated English Error Detecting and Scoring System for Junior High School Students

중학생 영작문 실력 향상을 위한 자동 문법 채점 시스템 구축

  • 김지은 (한국외국어대학교 영어대학 영어학과) ;
  • 이공주 (충남대학교 공과대학 전기정보통신공학부)
  • Published : 2007.05.28


This paper presents an automated English scoring system designed to help non-native speakers of English, Korean-speaking learners in particular. The system is developed to help the 3rd grade students in junior high school improve their English grammar skills. Without human's efforts, the system identifies grammar errors in English sentences, provides feedback on the detected errors, and scores the sentences. Detecting grammar errors in the system requires implementing a special type of rules in addition to the rules to parse grammatical sentences. Error production rules are implemented to analyze ungrammatical sentences and recognize syntactic errors. The rules are collected from the junior high school textbooks and real student test data. By firing those rules, the errors are detected followed by setting corresponding error flags, and the system continues the parsing process without a failure. As the final step of the process, the system scores the student sentences based on the errors detected. The system is evaluated with real English test data produced by the students and the answers provided by human teachers.