Approach to Promotion of Ubiquitous-based Cultural Service

유비쿼터스 기반의 문화서비스 추진방안

  • Published : 2007.05.28


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the power source for the growth of our country is shifting from the 'knowledge and information'-centered business to the culture-based business attaching importance to 'creativity'. In the era of creative culture-based economy, the core resources on which the national competitive power depends can be thought to be 'cultural contents'. The current ubiquitous project, which is being promoted in our country, is characteristically placing much emphasis on building-up of the RFID-centered infrastructure so that it is poorly acknowledged by common people to whom its service is actually provided. In this study, the approach to promotion of the cultural service, to which an easy access is available as a result of combining the ubiquitous-based technology with 'cultural contents', is discussed in the 4 aspects.