Development of Seat Allocation Model with Individual Demand's Diversion and Upgrade

개인수요의 상.하 이동을 고려한 좌석할당모형 개발

  • 이휘영 (인하공업전문대학 항공경영과)
  • Published : 2007.05.28


The concepts of static seat allocation model has been used widely in the air transportation industry, and proven as a good concepts for managing perishable assets. The paper analyzed, in realistic environment, the volume of Accept Demand and Reject Demand through several times' simulation experiments at each fare level by using C-Program analyzing process applied to upward and downward models of demand, to analyze the change of fare level when upward and downward shifts of fare levels' demand happen at once. As a consequence, I concluded that the revenue of the case to consider the both shifts of demand at each fare level is bigger than that of the case to consider the single shift of demand at each fare level, except the case to downsize the seat allotment at very low price when supply is bigger than demand, with developing a general model concerned with plural fare levels.