Influences of Well-being Trend on Color of Packaged Food Products

웰빙트랜드가 식품포장디자인의 색채에 끼친 영향

  • 신승훈 (서울예술대학 시각디자인과)
  • Published : 2007.05.28


A social trend can change market trend because it influences on consumer's lifestyle. Therefore the trend has been considered as an important factor for planning and producing new items. If a new trend occurred, its impact on market needs to be examined. Recently, well-being became top global issue and it caused many changes on packaged food products. This study focuses on measuring the impact of well-being trend on package design. The range of products for this research is limited to packaged food product selling in discount stores because it is main category to show well-being trend. Generally, good package design generates impulsive buying at the point of purchase. Colors on packages are critical point for good product design and they are also reflecting social trend to meet their consumers' psychological desires. After gathering basic information from market research, several colors had been selected and classified. For providing specific evidences result from the trend, the role of four major colors have been compared and analyzed. Finally, questionnaire had been handed out to trendy consumers to reach consensus on well-being color.