무전해도금법으로 형성한 Ni-P-SiC 복합도금막의 특성

Lee, Hong-Kee;Lee, Ho-Young;Jeon, Jun-Mi

  • 발행 : 2007.04.30


Ni-P-SiC composite coating layers were prepared by electroless plating method and their deposition rate, codeposition of SiC, morphology, surface roughness, hardness, wear and friction properties were investigated. The deposition rate was kept almost constant independent of the concentration of SiC in the plating solution and the codeposition of SiC in the composite coating layer increased with increased concentration of SiC in the plating solution except the early stage. Vickers microhardness increased with respect to the increased codeposition of SiC and the heat treatment at $300^{\circ}C$ in air for 1 hour. It was found that the wear volume decreased with increased up to 50 wt.% of SiC codeposition, and that friction coefficient increased gradually with increased codeposition of SiC. Considering the wear and the friction behaviors, the composite coating layer obtained by using 50 wt.% of SiC codeposition is desirable for the practical application for anti-wear and anti-friction coatings.


Nickel;Silicon carbide;Electroless plating;Composite;Codeposition;Harness;Wear;Friction


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