Dephosphpoylation of P-Nitrophenyldiphenylphosphinate by Benzimidazole Catalyzed with Ethyl tri-n-octyl Ammonium Bromide(ETABr)

ETABr 용액내에서 P-Nitrophenyldiphenylphosphinate의 탈인산화반응에 미치는 Benzimidazole의 촉매효과

Kim, Jeung-Bea;Kim, Hak-Yoon

  • Published : 2007.05.30


The phase transfer catalysis(PTC) reagent, ethyl tri-octyl ammonium bromide(ETABr), strongly catalyzes the reaction of p-nitrophenyi diphenyl phosphinate(p-NPDPIN) with benzimidazole(BI) and its anion($BI^{\theta}$). In ETABr solutions, the dephosphorylation reactions exhibit higher first order kinetics with respect to the nucleophile, BI, and ETABr, suggesting that reactions are occuring in small aggregates of the three species including the sub-strate(p-NPDPIN), whereas the reaction of p-NPDPIN with $OH^{\theta}$ is not catalyzed by ETABr. This behavior for the drastic rate-enhancement of the dephosphorylation is referred as 'aggregation complex model' for reaction of hydrophobic organic phosphinates with benzimidazole(BI) in hydrophobic quarternary ammonium salt(ETABr) solutions.


Dephosphpoylation;ETABr;Benzimidazole;Aggregation complex model


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