The study of ABC cost accounting system's effectiveness and analysis of costing information related to traditional cost accounting system

ABC원가계산시스템의 효과 및 전통적원가계산시스템과의 원가정보 분석에 관한 연구

  • 박상봉 (동의대학교 경영회계학부) ;
  • 김명희 (동아대학교 경영학부)
  • Published : 2007.09.30


The characteristic of this study is to compare and analyze costing information from ABC cost accounting system after ABC cost accounting system is designed and implemented from the manufacturing company's traditional cost accounting system through field researches. This is different from previous researches which investigate surveys or adoption procedures and contents of some companies already adopting ABC cost accounting system. Statistically, differences between costing information are not really similar. However, the advantage of ABC cost accounting system is to reduce some activities which do not well contribute creating value after analyzing productions and supporting activities of the company, and dividing into two groups, activities creating value and non-creating value. Therefore, the cost accounting information of ABC cost accounting system is very useful system to offer valuable information for the management of the company. The accuracy of information of ABC cost accounting system depends on setting up the central point of activities and implementing cost drivers. In particular, when it comes to supporting activities, choosing cost accounting grivers which are highly relevant to producing products and collecting data for cost accounting drivers is really difficult. This is the limitation of this study. In other words, when implementing cost accounting drivers of ABC cost accounting system, aconceptual framework is different from applying to the real producing place. Therefore, when implementing on ABC cost accounting system, future researches are needed to find cost accounting drivers which are more close to the theoretical model, and implement ABC cost accounting system which can collects relevant data.