Development of Performance-Based Seismic Design of RC Column Retrofitted By FRP Jacket using Direct Displacement-Based Design

직접변위기반설계법에 의한 철근콘크리트 기둥의 FRP 피복보강 내진성능설계법의 개발

  • 조창근 (경북대학교 건설공학부)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


In the current research, an algorithm of performance-based seismic retrofit design of reinforced concrete columns using FRP jacket has been proposed. For exact prediction of the nonlinear flexural analysis or FRP composite RC members, multiaxial constitutive laws of concrete and composite materials have been presented. For seismic retrofit design, an algorithm of direct displacement-based design method (DDM) proposed by Chopra and Goel (2001) has been newly applied to determine the design thickness of FRP jacket in seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete columns. To compare with the displacement coefficient method (DCM), the DDM gives an accurate prediction of the target displacement in highly nonlinear region, since the DCM uses the elastic stiffness before reaching the yield load as the effective stiffness but the DDM uses the secant stiffness.


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