A Study on Mariners' Standard Behavior for Collision Avoidance (1) - A concept on modeling for collision avoidance based on human factors -



Park, Jung-Sun;Kobayashi, Hiroaki;Yea, Byeong-Deok

  • 발행 : 2007.06.30


Human factors have been considered the primary reason of marine accidents. Especially, the collision between vessels is mostly mused by human behavior. However, there have not been many researches to clarify the reason of marine accidents mused by human factors quantitatively. In order to understand human factors and to enhance safe navigation systematically, using a full mission ship-handling simulator, we've investigated the characteristics of avoiding behavior taken by mariners. Further in order to apply the characteristics more widely and effectively, it's necessary to formulate the standard behavior for ship-handling in the condition of collision avoidance. Is this study, therefore, we intended to propose the concept to model the mariner's standard behavior on the handling of collision avoidance as the first step. As a result, we confirmed the contents of information processing in ship-handling that mariner's generally taking to avoid collision.


Human factors;Mariner' standard behavior;Collision avoidance;Information processing works;Task and Judgment


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피인용 문헌

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