A Protection Algorithm Discriminating Between Internal and External Faults for Wind Farms

풍력발전단지 보호를 위한 내외부 고장 판별 알고리즘

  • Published : 2007.05.01


A wind farm consists of many wind generator(WG)s therefore, it is generally a complex power system. A wind farm as a distributed generation(DG) affects utility power system. If a conventional protection schemes are applied, it is difficult to detect faults correctly and the schemes can't provide proper coordination in some cases. This paper presents a protection algorithm for a wind farm which consists of a looped collection circuit. Because the proposed algorithm can distinguish between an internal fault and an external fault in a wind farm, The proposed algorithm can disconnect the faulted section in a wind farm. This algorithm is based on an overcurrent protection technique with the change of the ratio of the output current of a generator to the current of the looped line connected to each generator to collect the each generator's power. In addition, operating time of the algorithm is shortened by using the voltage drop at a generator collection point. The performance of the proposed algorithm was verified under various fault conditions using PSCAD/EMTDC simulations.


Wind farm;Distributed generation;Protection


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