A New Anti Sway Control for Container Crane Using PSD Camera and Propellers

PSD 카메라와 프로펠라를 이용한 콘테이너 스웨이 제어

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  • Published : 2007.05.01


The spreaders on container cranes are usually controlled to stop at the same time as their trolleys are stopped. Despite the use of adequate control systems, however, the spreaders usually have comparatively large sway movements, due to their suspension from the trolleys through cables. It is, therefore, important to accurately measure the attitudes of the spreaders, in order to suppress such sways by means of secondary control. Until now, most of conventional anti sway control systems focus on the direct control of the movements of trolleys. which seems not suitable to speed up the entire process - loading and unloading of containers. In this paper, we suggest a new anti sway control system: By using extra equipments - two propellers to suppress the sway and a PSD camera to measure the spreader's attitude - installed on the spreader and the trolley. the sway of the suspended load j, considerably suppressed. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is verified by the computer simulation and experiment with the miniature of the container crane system.


Container Crane;Anti-sway control;$H_{\infty}$ control


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