Earth Building Characteristic Analysis to Utilize in Architecture Plan

건축 계획적 활용을 위한 흙건축 특성분석

  • Published : 2007.08.31


This study is aimed to apply basic data to planning earth building through analyzing characteristics of earth building. For doing it, we investigated a research paper in advanced countries(New zealand, Australia, etc.) that has been used for earth building standards for a long time, and then we corrected inadequate standards that would apply our earth building environment. As a result, we can devide earth characteristics into three parts that are materials, plan, and maintenance and repair. First, as material selection is very important factor, a general plan is possible to change in accordance with what material is selected. These methods that made mud brick, pressed earth block, rammed earth, cob have been well used during the current 30 years in earth building. Second, the plan is composed of site select and architecture plan. In architecture plan, we should consider from foundation to eaves protection, and in site selection, consider sides of the environment and the social. Third, we should always check a periodical inspection through watchful observation because earth buildings need more time and efforts in maintaining and repairing than others.


Supported by : 국립문화재연구소


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