Analysis on Luminous Environment and Subjective Image of Two Different Commercial Streets at Night - Focused on View Point of Pedestrian -

야간상업가로의 조명물리량 및 이미지 분석 - 보행자 시점을 기준으로 -

  • Published : 2007.08.31


Streetscape plays on important role in urban cities. Characteristics of streets is basically defined by the building facade, signs, plants and paving during the daytime. However at night, street receives a new appearance due to the shop light from the buildings, exterior lightings, signboards and street light, and it creates most of the image of the streets. This study aims to analyze the luminous environment and its subjective image of two different pedestrian's commercial streets. Insa-dong street and Myungdong street were chosen for the study. Horizontal illuminance and luminance on building surface, advertisement billboards and pedestrian road were measured. Thirty students were asked to rate the five scaled questionnaire on their subjective images of the streets. Statistical analysis including profile, correlation and T-test are conducted and some findings are discussed


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