Competitiveness and Cooperation of Logistics Industry in Northeast Asia

한.중.일 물류산업 경쟁력과 물류협력방안

  • 한철환 (동서대학교 국제관계학부)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the competitiveness of the logistics industry of three countries - Korea, China and Japan - by looking into their logistics industry structure and the related regulations. For this aim, the paper examined the modal distribution of transportation, transport infrastructure, freight cost structure and regulation in transport sector in these countries. Furthermore, this study suggests some proposals for the further cooperation to bring sustainable progress in the logistics sector across Northeast Asia. The main suggestions of this paper are as follows: First, Korean government needs to strategize its options in the logistics industry, the most competitive in the country’s service sector, in upcoming FTA negotiations with China and Japan. Second, Korea needs to foster Busan into a strategic point for the Rail Ferry System and Road Feeder System. Third, Korea should participate in establishing shuttle flight service in Northeast Asia amid exploding flight demand from active economic interchange and tourism industry development.