Methodological Review of Cartoon Analysis

만화분석에 관한 방법론적 고찰

  • 권경민 (목원대학교 미술학부 만화.애니메이션)
  • Published : 2007.07.28


The cartoon communicates its messages by cartoon semiotics as a vehicle of emotion, face expression, act, glance, and texts along the story. this style of communication showed in the cartoon can be defined as ${\ulcorner}$Cartoon communication style${\lrcorner}$. Since, the cartoon is cultural and social product, an understanding of ${\ulcorner}$Cartoon communication style${\lrcorner}$ plays a major role in understanding culture and society as well as its production and interchange. To understand what is the ${\ulcorner}$Cartoon communication style${\lrcorner}$, systemic and objective research method through ${\ulcorner}$Cartoon Analysis${\lrcorner}$ is required. The study review cognitive tendency of cartoon expression through semiotic analysis of total 30,081 cuts of Korea, and Japanese published cartoons and consequently, classifies the cartoons by 3 forms - One-Root, One-Idea and One-Style to encode.


Cartoon Analysis;Published Cartoons;Semiotic Analysis