Measurement of CSF's Maturity for Korean e-Biz Market

한국 e-Biz 시장의 핵심성공요인 성숙도 측정

  • Published : 2007.07.28


E-Business has, nowadays, become a common commerce transaction. In the beginning, e-Biz has known as Electronic Commerce and has expanded its territory to department store's shopping mall, travel, finance, stock, and even luxury goods as car sales market. Considering these trends, this paper researched the environment of korean e-Biz market and suggested the picture of the matured and sound e-Biz market in Korea. We surveyed matured level of Critical Success Factors of e-Biz in terms of management. We also surveyed time based Critical Success Factors to analyze level of the Korean e-Biz market. These study's may provide us the knowledge about the prediction and preparation for changes in e-Biz market in the future.


e-Biz;e-Business;Electronic Commerce;CSFs;Critical Success Factor(csf)