Types of Special Educational Technology Contents for Children with Disabilities

장애아동을 위한 특수교육공학 콘텐츠 유형 탐색

  • Published : 2007.08.28


The special educational technology is the combination term of special education and educational technology. These days, the applications of educational technology in special education field is very increasing through the development of IT and the progress of teaching methods. The development of IT bring out the applications of assistive technology. The various development and operation strategies of the individualized educational program have promoted the advancement of teaching methods for the children with disabilities. The purpose of this paper is to inquiry and to present the applicable contents of special educational technology for the children with disabilities. The important study problems of this study are to examine the differences between educational technology and special educational technology, to categorize special educational technology in the view of application and to develop the contents of instructional design and assistive technology device. Finally it is to suggest the progress tasks for the development of the special educational technology.


Special Educational Technology;Instructional Technology;Assistive Technology Device