Bayesian Estimation of the Reliability Function of the Burr Type XII Model under Asymmetric Loss Function

  • Kim, Chan-Soo (Department of Applied Statistics, Kongju National University)
  • Published : 2007.08.31


In this paper, Bayes estimates for the parameters k, c and reliability function of the Burr type XII model based on a type II censored samples under asymmetric loss functions viz., LINEX and SQUAREX loss functions are obtained. An approximation based on the Laplace approximation method (Tierney and Kadane, 1986) is used for obtaining the Bayes estimators of the parameters and reliability function. In order to compare the Bayes estimators under squared error loss, LINEX and SQUAREX loss functions respectively and the maximum likelihood estimator of the parameters and reliability function, Monte Carlo simulations are used.


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