A Study on the Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Fraction in the Elementary School Mathematics

초등수학에서 분수에 관한 교수학적 내용 지식 개발 연구

  • Published : 2007.06.30


This study is aimed at development of pedagogical content knowledge on fraction in the elementary school mathematics. Elementary students regard fraction as the difficult topic in school mathematics. Furthermore, fraction is the fundamentally important concept in studying mathematics. So it is important to develop the pedagogical content knowledge on fraction. The reason of attention to the pedagogical content knowledge is that improving the quality of teaching is the central focus of a high quality mathematics education. Shulman suggested that various knowledges are required for teacher to improve their classes. Of course, pedagogical content knowledge is the most valuable in teaching mathematics. Pedagogical content knowledge is related to the promotion of students' understanding about the learning. Pedagogical content knowledges are categorized by five factors in this study. These are understanding about curriculum, understanding about students and students' knowledge, understanding about teachers and teachers' knowledge, understanding about the methods, contents, and management of class, and understanding about methods of assessments. I develop the pedagogical content knowledge on fraction according to the these categories. I concentrate on the two types of pedagogical content knowledges in developing. That is, I present knowledges which teachers have to know for teaching fraction effectively and materials which teachers can use during the teaching fraction. Pedagogical content knowledges guarantee teachers as the professionalists. Teachers should not teach only content knowledges but teach various knowledges including the meta-knowledges which have relation to fraction.