Performance Tests and Development of the Cyclic Load Device Using a Bellows

벨로우즈를 이용한 반복 하중부과장치의 개발 및 성능시험

  • Published : 2007.09.01


A fatigue capsule is one of the special capsules to investigate the fatigue characteristics of the nuclear materials during an irradiation test in a research reactor, HANARO. In this study, the performance test and the preliminary fatigue test results by using a cyclic load device newly developed for a fatigue capsule are described. In order to obtain the characteristics such as a realization and a controllability of the periodic wave shape and the relationship between the pressure and the load, a spring and rigid bar specimens are used. The fatigue test for the 316L stainless steel specimen with 1.8mm in diameter and 12.5mm in gage length is also performed under the same conditions as the temperature($550^{\circ}C$) of the specimen during irradiation tests. As a result of the test, the fracture of the specimen occurs at a total of 70,120 cycles(about 12 days), and the displacement in this case is 2.02 mm. It is expected that these results will be used for determining test conditions and a comparison of the in-pile fatigue test results.


Fatigue Capsule;Cyclic Load Device;Bellows;Load Cell;Pressure;Fatigue Life


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