Estimation of the Autogenous Shrinkage of the High Performance Concrete Containing Expansive Additive and Shrinkage Reducing Agent

팽창재와 수축저감제를 조차 사용한 고성능 콘크리트의 자기수축 해석

  • Published : 2007.09.20


This study investigated the fundamental properties and shrinkage properties of high performance concrete with water/binder ratio of 0, 30 and with combination of expansive additive and shrinkage reducing agent. According to the results, the fluidity of high performance concrete showed lower the using method in combination with expansive additive and shrinkage reducing agent than the separately using method of that, so the amount of superplasticizer increased when the adding ratio of expansive additive and shrinkage reducing agent increased. However the air content of concrete increased when used in combination with expansive additive and shrinkage reducing agent, so the amount of AE agent decreased. The compressive strength showed the highest at 5% of expansive additive, and decreased with an increase of the amount of shrinkage reducing agent. Furthermore, in order to reduce the shrinkage of high performance concrete, it was found that the using method in combination with expansive additive and shrinkage reducing agent was more effective than separately using method of that. Autogenous shrinkage was predicted using JCI model. Because JCI model is unable to consider the effect of EA and SRA, correction factor should be added to enhance the accuracy.


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