Provision of a Novel Unlicensed Access Relay Station in IEEE 802.16-based Broadband Wireless Access Networks

IEEE 802.16 기반의 무선 액세스 망에서 Unlicensed 대역 액세스 릴레이에 대한 설계

  • Choi, W. (R&D Center, Microsoft Korea) ;
  • Shon, T.S. (Telecommunication R&D Center, Samsung Electronics) ;
  • Choi, H.H. (Telecommunication R&D Center, Samsung Electronics) ;
  • Lee, Y. (Dept. of Electronics and Communication, CNU)
  • 최욱 (한국마이크로소프트 소프트웨어 연구소) ;
  • 손태식 (삼성전자 통신연구소) ;
  • 최효현 (삼성전자 통신연구소) ;
  • 이용 (충주대학교 전자통신공학)
  • Published : 2007.10.25


Existing wireless access (mobile) routers are based commonly on the network address and port translation (NAPT) technique which permits simultaneously sharing a subscriber's connection to the network with multiple users. However, the NAPT architecturally makes the users invisible on the network side, thus becoming a user-oriented connection technique. In this paper, we propose a novel service provider-oriented unlicensed nomadic access relay station (WiNNERS) for helping wireless broadband network service providers to make their business more lucrative by accommdating unlicensed band users as subscribers into their network. The WiNNERS offers service providers the capability to directly manage each of the unlicensed band users at the network side. This direct management allows the service providers to flexibly and simply handle QoS, access control, and billing for each user. In order to distinguish each of the unlicensed band users the WiNNERS constructs a virtual tunnel from each user's terminal to the network access router using connection identifiers which is defined for service flow management within the WiBro system, Consequently, our proposed service provider-oriented relay station can be included into the WiBro network system with minimum modifications.


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