Safety evaluation of dynamic behavior of Korean tilting train

TTX차량의 동역학적 거동의 안정성 평가

  • Published : 2007.10.31


The tilting train is able to tilt its body towards the center of the turning radius, preventing roll-over of the train as it runs on a curved rail at high-speed. This train, widely accepted for commercial purpose internationally, is very beneficial in that the operating time is shortened without much capital investment to the infrastructure where there are many curved rails. Over several years, the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) has developed such a train. In this paper, the safety of the Korean tilting train express (TTX) is investigated using a dynamic simulation model. Since proper safety standards have not been established for the TTX, those for the Korean train express (KTX) is employed to analyze the safety and ride comfort of the TTX. This study is useful in predicting the behavior of the TTX and ride comfort, and conforms that designed TTX is stable enough to satisfy the safety standards. It would be useful to recommend proper normal operating speed and determine the maximum safety speed, according to the result. Furthermore, it would be possible to provide basic reference data when analyzing the dynamic effect of the catenary system and the fatigue of the bogie.


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