Haircell-inspired Micromechanical Active Amplifiers Using the Mechanical Resonance Modulated by Variable Stiffness Springs

청각 유모세포를 모사한 미소기계적 능동 증폭기

  • 허윤정 (동경대학교 지능기계정보학과) ;
  • 이원철 (한국과학기술원 바이오및뇌공학과, 디지털나노구동연구단) ;
  • 김태윤 (한국과학기술원 바이오및뇌공학과, 디지털나노구동연구단) ;
  • 조영호 (한국과학기술원 바이오및뇌공학과, 디지털나노구동연구단)
  • Published : 2007.11.01


We present a micromechanical active amplifier, inspired from the principle of the outer hair cells in cochlea, amplifying both displacement and force. The present micromechanical active amplifier modulates the resonant carrier motion using the variable stiffness spring whose stiffness changes proportionally to the input motion. We design, fabricate, and characterize two types of the amplifiers A and B, each having the variable stiffness spring fur the maximum displacement gain and force gain, respectively. In the experimental study, the amplifier A shows the displacement gain of 5.62, which is 2.15 times larger than that of the amplifier 3. The amplifier B shows the force gain of 10.0, resulting in 1.26 times larger value compared to that of the amplifier A. We experimentally verify that the haircell-inspired micromechanical amplifiers are capable to amplify both displacement and force.


Micrornechanical Active Amplifier;Variable Stiffness Spring;Cochlear Hair Cell


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