Effects of Calcium Chloride Treatment and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Quality Change of 'Fuji' Apple

염화칼슘 처리와 MAP 저장이 '후지' 사과의 품질변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.10.28


We investigated the effects of both $CaCl_2$ treatment and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) (compared with non-packaging on 'Fuji' apples from the Young-Joo region of Korea. Apples were dined into 5% (w/v) $CaCl_2$ solution for 15 min and then packaged with or without LDPE film (thickness: 0.025 mm) before cold storage at $0^{\circ}C$. Weight loss of applies in film packaging was lower than that of non-packaging applies, and the apple firmness resulting from $CaCl_2$ treatment and MAP was better than that of apples receiving control treatment. Also, $CaCl_2$ treatment and MAP resulted in improvements in titratable acidity, soluble solid content (SSC), and decay rate compared to control treatments. However, no significant differences in vitamin C content were found amongst apples receiving various treatment. the results suggest that a combination of postharvest calcium dipping and plastic film packaging may effectively preserve 'Fuji' apples, and that the combined treatment are better than either individual treatment.


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