Hypoglycemic Effects of Basidiomycetes Mycelia and Cereals Fermented with Basidiomycetes

버섯 균사체 및 배양곡물의 혈당강하 효과

  • Published : 2007.10.30


To develop basidiomycetes-fermented cereals with hypoglycemic property, inhibitory effects of basidiomycetes mycelia and basidiomycetes-fermented cereals on postprandial glucose were investigated. In vitro effect of basidiomycetes mycelia on retarding the membrane transport of glucose was compared with pectin. For basidiomycetes mycelia, $13.1{\pm}3.6{\sim}41.8{\pm}8.0%$ of total glucose remained in inner solution of dialysis membrane after dialysis for 120 min, indicating that most of basidiomycetes mycelia might effectively retard membrane transport of glucose. Glucose tolerance of basidiomycetes mycelia and basidiomycetes-fermented cereals was tested on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats administrated with maltose. Postprandial glucose levels of basidiomycetes mycelia, $389.4{\pm}43.8{\sim}426.3{\pm}49.4mg/dL$, were considerably lower than that of control, $535.3{\pm}78.6mg/dL$, at 30 minutes after maltose administration. Namely, basidiomycetes mycelia showed better postprandial glucose lowering effect than pectin. Brown rice and barley fermented with Paecilomyces japonica showed much lower postprandial glucose level than raw brown rice and barley, especially hypoglycemic effect of barley fermented with Paecilomyces japonica was significant.


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