Applying Interactive Media Art to VJing

V제잉에서 인터랙티브미디어아트 활용

  • 김윤태 (홍익대학교 디자인공예학과 시각디자인)
  • Published : 2007.10.28


Applying Visual Art to pop music performance is gradually increasing. A video editor which simply mixes a number of images was mainly used in the past, but now various computer software make it easy to control visual art by development of computer technology, and it became possible for you to express unique and inimitable idea as well. Compare that a complicated equipment which makes them spend much expense and time was only used in the big size of concert hall in early days, a small and simple one now helps you easily apply your idea to Visual art in Pop music performance even in the small club. The technic of Visual art is being developed gradually especially by using computer The point of this study is how to apply real-time interaction between sound and visual image to interactive media art.


Interactive;Media Art;VJing