Trends of Disaster Management Research

행정학에서 재난관리분야의 학문적 연구경향

  • 안혜원 (충북대 사회과학연구소) ;
  • 류상일 (충북대 국가위기관리연구소)
  • Published : 2007.10.28


This study aim is to investigate disaster management actual in field of public administration and establish object of disaster management study by surveying the trends of disaster management for development of disaster management. This study has examined the trends in researches on disaster management that have been done so far First, their changes have been investigated by years and it was found out that the studies on disaster management accounted for 81.8% after the year of 2000. Second case studies accounted for 47.7%, with respect to the method for research which means researchers lay emphasis on case studies. Third, the studies that aim to suggest policy alternatives were found the highest with 79.5%, in regard of research objectives, an the studies on verification theories with 13.6%, which means that more efforts need to be made on theorization and verification continuously to lay the groundwork for studying disaster management. Fourth the studies have been examined by type of disaster and it was found out that since 2001 the studies on social disasters and comprehensive studies on social, man-made and natural disasters have increased by 27.3% and 50% respectively. Fifth, studies have been examined by administrative units and it was found out that the studies on central government local government, private sector and NGO's disaster management accounted for the highest percentage with 50%. Lastly, the studies on preliminary strategies(mitigation & prepaedness) and post-strategies (response & recovery) accounted for the highest percentage, 56.8%, with respect to disaster management steps, and it was shown that studies are being made preponderantly on post-strategies.


Disaster Management;Crisis Management;Tendency of Research