Guest Satisfaction of Hotel Japanese Restaurant Seasonal Menu

호텔일식당 계절성메뉴의 고객만족

  • 심홍보 (서울호서전문학교 호텔외식경영학과)
  • Published : 2007.10.28


As hotel industry lately recognize that food and drink industry produces more profits than hotel rooms, multi-various and scientific management policies are required along with the management of profitability. Particularly, as hotel services have become more alike due to the development of technology and sharing information, opportunities for differentiation have decreased. In light of such circumstances, creating new customers and maintaining existing customers are very important to reinforce competitiveness. To have such a management of customers and to increase sales, promotional events are carried out in the department of food and drink. This study aims to conduct theoretical investigation of seasonal menu and Japanese restaurant menu in seasonal menu of Japanese restaurants that is a type of such promotional menu. The purposes of the study are to reorganize the concepts and to seek for methods of sales promotion and to suggest efficient management of Japanese restaurant seasonal menu by conducting empirical analysis on the effects of seasonal menu on customers and their intention to reorder.


Hotel Industry;Seasonal Menu;Japanese Restaurants;Guest Satisfaction