Review on the Extreme Didactic Phenomena in the Mathematical Class

수학 교실에서 나타나는 극단적 교수 현상에 대한 고찰

  • Published : 2007.09.30


The extreme didactic phenomena that occur by ignoring or overemphasizing the process of personalization/contextualization, depersonalization/decontextualization of mathematical knowledge is always in our teaching practice and in fact, seems to be a kind of phenomena that suppress teachers psychologically or didactically. The study of the problems on error, misconception or obstacles revealed by students has been done continuously, but that of the extreme didactic phenomena revealed by teachers has not. In this study, I will explain four extreme didactic phenomena and help you understand them by giving various examples from several case studies and analyzing them. And also, I will discuss the way to overcome the extreme didactic phenomena in the mathematical class, based on this analysis. This thesis will become a standard of didactic phenomena that are proceeded extremely by having teachers reconsider their own classes and furthemore, will offer the research data for considering better didactic situation.