Determination of Strain Energy Function of Rubber Materials Considering Stress Softening Behavior

응력연화거동을 고려한 고무 재료의 변형률 에너지 함수 결정

  • Kim, W.S. (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chungnam National University Graduation School) ;
  • Hong, S.I. (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chungnam National University)
  • 김완수 (충남대학교 기계공학과 대학원) ;
  • 홍성인 (충남대학교 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2007.09.29


When the rubber vulcanizates reinforced with carbon black or silica are subjected to cyclic loading from its virgin state, the stress required on reloading is less than that on the initial loading. This stress softening phenomenon is referred to as the Mullins effect. The strain energy function of rubber vulcanizates was investigated using theory of pseudo-elasticity incorporated damage parameter that Ogden and Roxburgh have proposed to describe the damage-induced stress softening effect in rubber-like solids. The quasi-static cyclic loading test was performed using the NR-SBR vulcanizates reinforced with carbon black, and then the effect of a damage parameter to stress-strain curve in reloading and subsequent reloading paths was studied. The strain energy function of the rubber vulcanizates with a different filler content was also evaluated.


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