Type of Foreign Materials in Waste Paper Used for the Manufacture of Linerboard and Physical Properties of Recycled Fibers

골판지 원지 제조용 압축고지 내의 이물질 종류 및 재생섬유의 특성

  • Yoon, Seung-Lak (Department of Interior Materials Engineering, Jinju National University) ;
  • Hwang, Jong-Yeol (Department of Interior Materials Engineering, Jinju National University)
  • 윤승락 (진주산업대학교 인테리어재료공학과) ;
  • 황종열 (진주산업대학교 인테리어재료공학과)
  • Published : 2007.09.30


To evaluate the quality of waste paper used for the manufacture of linerboard, the types of papers and foreign materials in compressed waste paper currently used were investigated. The recycled fibers were obtained from printing paper, newspaper, wrapping paper, white coated paperboard and corrugated container. Their fibers were observed by using a microscope, and the mechanical properties of the recycled papers manufactured from the recycled fibers were investigated. The compressed wastepaper was composed of 54% paperboard, 20% printing paper, and 20% newsprint. The content of foreign materials was about 4%, showing higher contents compared to 1% of foreign substances provided by Korea paper manufacturers' association. The types of foreign materials were various, which include vinyls, plastics, metals, woods, styrofoams, and cloths. Sound fibers were generally observed in the recycled fibers of printing papers and wrapping paper. The recycled fibers of white coated board, corrugated container and newsprint showed to be generally damaged. The whiteness of each recycled fiber were highly affected by pulp bleaching and ink-particle mixing conditions. The values of breaking length and burst index were lower than those for corrugating medium and liner board specified in KS. Although the anatomical characteristics of recycled fibers varied, their strengths appeared to be similar. This result may be explained by the use of non-deinked fiber.



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