Design of Educational Game for Development of Creativity

창의력 계발을 위한 학습게임의 설계

  • 안성혜 (상명대학교 만화애니메이션학부) ;
  • 송수미 (상명대학교 예술디자인대학원)
  • Published : 2007.09.28


Recently, the primary school training courses requires creative human being who is able to solve problem in accordance with rapidly changing society. Accordingly, it needs development of edutainment contents that can develop creativity and heighten educational effect as attracting learner's interest. This paper intends to design educational game which can develop creativity. Method of research is based on the concept of creativity and theory of multiple intelligence. First, I pulled out educational elements of edutainment game which can develop ability to solve synthetic problem and then drew interest elements of edutainment game by combined game with form of cartoon. Secondly, creativity studying area set the 5 learning area of verbal, visual, mathematical, logical and analytic creativity and then, a course of learning was designed to have each 3 details of 5 teaming areas of creativity. Finally, it presented production direction of educational game by combined with 4 elements of the interest that is an avatar, achievement of a mission, a time limit and win a point.


Creativity;Educational Game;Edutainment