Analysis of Research Trends and Technological Position of PMP Using Patent Information

특허정보를 통한 PMP 연구동향과 기술경쟁력 분석

  • Published : 2007.09.28


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the trends of technological development in the field of portable multimedia player (PMP) through patent information of major countries, and evaluate the technological Position of PMP. In the first place, we will carry out a quantitative analysis in terms of the annual trend of patent applications in the field of PMP, the technological position of PMP through portfolio analysis, the share of patents by applicant, the worldwide innovation leader of major countries, and the patent trend by IPC. Secondly, we will measure the technological level of PMP using indicators including cites per patent (CPP), science linkage (SL), and patent family size (PFS). Finally, we will evaluate the directions of research or technology development and the technological competitiveness of major countries. This evaluation could give us some useful policy implications on the strategy of R&D in PMP.


Patent Analysis;Portable Multimedia Player;Technological Position;Technological Level

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