Police Officer's Verification Strengthening Device on New Appointment Procedure

신임 경찰공무원의 채용절차상 적격성 검증 강화방안

  • 김정규 (남부대학교 경찰행정학과)
  • Published : 2007.09.28


The police is huge career civil service organization. In 1999, police organization employed 7,801 persons as a new hiring. The police had revised employment system several times for competent human resources. But, it is true that much improvements need yet for person's employment which equip eligibility. Specially, discussions need for many new hirings by duty police system abrogation. Career civil service system is impossible of dismissal after permanent appointment. It is true that competitive rate of police officer examination much rose. But it's not important about organization development in addition this unconnects with competent resources. Must change police officer employment system for organization's future development. This study proposed policy about improvement way of examination for service step, field training officer and appointment.


Police Personnel Management;Probation;Permanent Employee;Verification Device