Plans for Tourism Resources of Plant Natural Treasures -Concentrating on Sok-ri Mountain's Jungyeepoomsong-

식물천연기넘물의 관광자원화 방안 -보은 속리산 정이품송을 중심으로-

  • 이익수 (청주대학교 관광경영학과)
  • Published : 2007.09.28


The natural treasure is not only a product of nature and but also a heritage we need to protect. Among natural treasures, because an animal and a plant have lives, one of them are sure to be disappeared. The natural treasure, Sok-ri mountain's Jungyeepoomsong is unique. It is the only alive tree which secure a government position. Currently the Jungyeepoomsong gets into difficulty because of natural disasters and insect attacks. In addition, it is in a critical condition of dying old since the age of the tree is over 600 years. The purpose of this paper is to investigate plans for tourism resources of the Jungyeepoomsong. Because the Jungyeepoomsong is a rare variety, it can be commercialized as a plant resource. Also, it can be used as the method of creating income for local residents. To achieve research objective, this paper proposes the plans of a lineage certification using a genetic analysis technology, a genealogical table control system utilizing purebred preservation and storytelling, a database construction between producers, sellers, and owners, a tourism event, a method of building Jungyeepoomsong's brand and preserving its value.


Natural Treasure;Jungyeepoomsong;lineage Certification;Plans for Tourism Resources