Analysis of Learning Effect on Multitude of Screens in Video Demonstration -On High School's Physics-

시범실험 동영상의 다중화면 학습 효과 분석 -고등학교 물리교과 중심으로-

  • 이승복 (쌘뽈여자고등학교) ;
  • 전병호 (공주대학교 영상광정보공학부)
  • Published : 2007.09.28


The purpose of this study was to analyze the learning effects of video demonstration in a multitude of video screens in a science class. To examine this, an experiment from the first year science textbook was chosen, which looked at the relationship between electrical voltage and electrical current. Three experimental groups were used for the purpose of this study: 1/ a control group which used experimental still photos during a traditional class. 2/ experimental group A which used videos in a single screen, and 3/ experimental group B which used a multitude of video screens to demonstrate their effects. Post test learning effects was then carried out on each group related to the units. The results showed an improvement in grade for all groups. Experimental group B showed the most significant result, followed by the experimental group A. The control group showed the least significant grade improvement. In conclusion, the study revealed that the utilization of video demonstration in a science class is very useful and can be adapted in different forms in class. To enhance the effects of the learning method in conveying efficient meaning, versatile methods should be used to stimulate and heighten students' interests by mixing still photographs and video demonstration with various screen composition with the help of information technology.


Video Demonstration;Multitude Screens;Learning Effect