Game Based Online Contents Development in Middle School Mathematics

중학교 수학교과의 온라인 게임형 콘텐츠 개발

  • 조은순 (목원대학교 교직과) ;
  • 김인숙 (한양여자대학교 여성인력개발과)
  • Published : 2007.09.28


The purpose of this study is to design, develope, and deploy of online game content in middle school mathematics. This study analyzed related literature review, case studies, and educational game web sites for seeking better applicable design strategies. After serious discussion with experts based the design ideas, this study established its own educational game design model and it was applied to develop algebraic function lesson for middle school students. The developed content also was deployed in real classroom setting to see how students received the game contents and how. well they processed the design procedures and activities. We found that educational online game content, especially when applied to mathematics subject, can be effective in students interests and their motivations. We also observed that there were a few managerial errors such as need for detailed guidance for game, cumulative game results for later feedback, and so on. This study concluded that educational game contents should be able to widely spread out to get students' learning interests and strong motivation as well. We suggest that related research should be done toward to other subject than mathmatics and various students age groups.


Middle School Mathematics;Game Base Contents;Game Base Contents Design;Game Base Contents Development