Preparation and Properties of Water-Soluble Photosensitive Polymer with Azido Group

Azido기를 함유한 수용성 포토레지스트 제조 및 감광 특성

  • Published : 2007.09.30


Water-soluble terpolymer of acrylamide, diacetone acrylamide, and acrylic acid was prepared by redox initiators in aqueous medium. One component photoresist was synthesized by reaction of terpolymer with 4-azidoaniline. By blending the aqueous acrylamide/diacetone acrylamide copolymer solution with bisazide, 4,4'-diazidostilbene -2,2'-disulfuric acid sodium salt, two component photoresist was prepared. The photosensitivity per azido group unit mole of one component photoresist was 4 times higher than that of two component photoresist. The dot-type pattern was successfully achieved with one component photoresist at low exposure energy, which is prospective to be used as black matrix negative photoresist.


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