Improved Reduction of Carbon Monoxide by Highly Efficient Catalytic Shift for Fuel Cell Applications

Youn, M.J.;Chun, Y.N.

  • Published : 2008.12.28


The generation of high purity hydrogen from reformed hydrocarbon fuels, or syngas, is essential for efficient operation of the fuel cell (PEMFC, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell). Usually, major components of reformed gas are $H_2$, CO, $CO_2$ and $H_2O$. Especially a major component, CO poisons the electrode of fuel cells. The water gas shifter (WGS) that shifts CO to $CO_2$ and simultaneously produces $H_2$, was developed to a two stage catalytic conversion process involving a high temperature shifter (HTS) and a low temperature shifter (LTS). Also, experiments were carried out to reduce the carbon monoxide up to $3{\sim}4%$ in the HTS and lower than 5,000 ppm via the LTS.


Hydrogen;Carbon monoxide;WGS;HTS;LTS


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