A study on the early pregnancy diagnosis by changing of plasma progesterone concentration and morphology of ovary in pregnancy and non -pregnancy cows

소에서 비임신 및 임신 상태의 난소 형태와 혈중 progesterone 농도 변화에 의한 조기 임신진단

  • Kim, Cheol-Ho (Northern Branch of Gyeongnam Livestock Promotion Research Institute) ;
  • Bhak, Jong-Sik (Northern Branch of Gyeongnam Livestock Promotion Research Institute) ;
  • Shin, Jung-Sub (Northern Branch of Gyeongnam Livestock Promotion Research Institute) ;
  • Kang, Chung-Bo (College of Veterinary Medicine, Gyeongsang National University)
  • 김철호 (경상남도 축산진흥연구소 북부지소) ;
  • 박종식 (경상남도 축산진흥연구소 북부지소) ;
  • 신정섭 (경상남도 축산진흥연구소 북부지소) ;
  • 강정부 (경상대학교 수의과대학)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


In order to evaluate conception rate of Hanwoo in northwestern region of Gyeongsang-nam-do, we investigated conception rate and reduction of reproductive disorder rate after artificial insemination (AI) in 1,000 heads of breeding cows, This study showed that 80.9% of cows were classified as fertility after 1st and 2nd AI. For a accurate pregnancy diagnosis with practicing ovariectomy and histeotomy, we comparatively investigated each of 80 slaughtered cows, including 30 of non-pregnancy, and used enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for estimation of plasma progesterone concentration and serum luteal hormone. The mean diameter of non-pregnant corpus luteum is $18.9{\pm}4.2{\times}15.6{\pm}3.6 mm$ and that of pregnant corpus luteum is $22.5{\pm}2.7{\times}18.7{\pm}2.9 mm$. This indicates that corpus luteum is more developed in the ovary of pregnant than non-pregnant cows (P<0.05). The diameter of pregnant corpus luteum according to the stage of pregnancy showed $21.3{\pm}2.4{\pm}18.4{\pm}2.6 mm$ in early stage (1-3 month), $23.4{\pm}2.8{\times}19.1{\pm}2.7 mm$ in middle stage (4-6 month) and $22.8{\pm}3.0{\times}18.8{\pm}2.4mm$, in last stage (7-9 month). This indicates that corpus luteum in middle and last stage is more significantly developed than that of early stage(P<0.05). The mean plasma progesterone concentration of cows showing size of non-pregnant corpus luteum was $4.58{\pm}0.92ng/ml$ and that of pregnant corpus luteum $8.26{\pm}0.98ng/ml$. Thus, it was more significantly increased in pregnant corpus luteum(P<0.02).. However, it was low to $0.58{\pm}0.39ng/ml$. in estrus (corpus albicans). The plasma progesterone concentration according to gestation period was high in proportion to the degree of development in corpus luteum and more significantly increased (P<0.05) and maintained in middle and last state than early state. The concentration was sharply decreased to $0.56{\pm}0.32ng/ml$ at parturition. As a consequence, we can practice the early pregnancy diagnosis by confirming non-pregnancy when the mean plasma progesterone concentration is below 1ng/ml 19 to 22 days after AI and this can be available to diagnose reproductive disorder.



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