Manufacture and Property of Hanji Woven Fabric Using Hanji Tape Yarn

한지 테이프사를 이용한 직물 제조와 물성 평가

  • Park, Tae-Young (Division of Fashion Design and Beauty, Howon University) ;
  • Jeon, Hyang-Ran (Division of Fashion Design and Beauty, Howon University)
  • 박태영 (호원대학교 패션뷰티학부) ;
  • 전향란 (호원대학교 패션뷰티학부)
  • Published : 2008.10.31


Hanji woven fabrics are currently developed as a new multi-functional textile material due to their excellent properties of humidity control function, antibiotic, deodorant efficiency, and absorbency. In this study, Hanji union fabrics (silk $yarn{\times}Hanji$ tape yarn) were produced and their weavability, physical property, shrinkage, and color fastness were evaluated. Hanji paper and the tape yarns of $13g/m^2$ and 1.5-8.0mm were produced by a cylinder mould machine and a micro-slitter, respectively. From the weavability evaluation, a critical width of Hanji tape yarn as possible picking was found to be 2.0mm. As the width of tape yarn increased, the breaking stress and strain of the tape yam increased. Especially, after picking, the tensile property of Hanji tape yarn approached to the values of Hanji yarn. The shrinkage of dyed Hanji fabrics was 3.0% or less. On the evaluation of fastness to washing, the grade of Hanji union fabric showed good values and better value to the staining rather than color change. Also instead of washing, dry cleaning is desirable to the fabric. Hanji fabric was excellent in color fastness in grades 4-5 both to rubbing and perspiration, but was 3 grade to light resistance. To increase color fastness to light, plied yarn or union fabric with excellent light resistant yarn such as polyester may be applied.


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